MCW: Fight for a Cause


“This is an issue that has hit close to home for several members of Melbourne City Wrestling’s talent, staff and fans, and with that in mind, we will be hosting this event along with our friends from NHB Girls as we present ‘Fight For A Cause’, which is not only our first live event in Melbourne’s south east, but also our first ever all women’s wrestling event, on Sunday November 23rd!

More details as well as ticket pre-sale information will be made public soon. Our aim is to see as many of our loyal fans attending this special event as possible, as we help to raise money for those in our community who have been left broken by this terrible disease.”

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SHIMMER 69 & SHIMMER 70 Results

We’re back for another day & thanks again to our amazing on the scene reporter,  Reid for the incredible work he does covering these shows for us. You can click through to his Twitter feed here, to get the up-to-date happenings!  For full show results, jump on over to our friends at Ringbelles to read the full wrap up.





- Madison Eagles defeated Marti Belle with a Hellbound
– 3G (Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa) retained their SHIMMER Tag Team Championship against Saraya Knight & Mayumi Ozaki after Nakagawa pinned Ozaki with a 120% Schoolboy.
– Nicole Matthews pinned Evie in a successful first SHIMMER Championship defensive with the Vancouver Maneuever.

-Allysin Kay & Taylor Made beat KC Cassidy & Bambi Hall, after KC Cassidy was pinned with a wheelbarrow/cutter combination.
– Evie bested Jenny Rose with a TTYL.
– After Portia Perez interferred in the match between Tomoka Nakagawa vs Nicole Matthews, Kellie Skater came to her tag-team partner’s aid and demanded a fight. The SHIMMER Tag Team Championship was put on the line against the Canadian Ninjas, but was promptly interrupted by The Kimber Bombs. Jessicka Havok and Madison Eagles intervened and demanded an 8 Woman, No Disqualification tag. Once granted the women brawled all over the building, the victors being the team of Jessicka Havok, Madison Eagles and 3G with a Hellbound, a Hangover and a Chokeslam.


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SHIMMER 67 & SHIMMER 68 Results

Thanks to our amazing on the scene reporter,  Reid for the incredible work he does covering these shows for us. You can click through to his Twitter feed here, to get the up-to-date happenings!  For full show results, jump on over to our friends at Ringbelles to read the full wrap up.

Prior to the tapings beginning, Allison Danger said a few words about our friend Stew Allen and there was a five bell salute in his memory.


– The Kimber Bombs pinned KC Cassidy & Bambi Hall after Hall was falls victim to a Lungblower/German Suplex combo and Kimber Lee gets the pin.
– Evie beat Kay Lee Ray with a TTYL
– Madison Eagles vs Nicole Matthews went to a draw, both will progress to Volume 68 and face Cheerleader Melissa for the title, also included in the mix, Athena.
– Kaori Yoneyama, AKINO & Tsukasa Fujimoto defeated Kellie Skater, Tomoka Nakagawa & Mia Yim, with Skater being pinned by Yoneyama after a senton. After the match Yoneyama and Fujimoto challenged Skater & Nakagawa for the Tag Team Championship. 3G accepted.


– Evie bested Mia Yim with a TTYL
– Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa (3G) retained their SHIMMER Tag Team Championship after Nakagawa pinned Yoneyama following The Hangover
– Nicole Matthews defeated Madison Eagles , Athena & Cheerleader Melissa to become the new SHIMMER Champion. It came down to Matthews and Eagles, and with assistance from Portia Perez (& throwing FIRE in Madison’s face) Matthews captured the gold.

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Rest in Peace, our friend Stewart Allen

Stewart-Allen-Saraya-Knight-e1413225628530-300x290“Lee’s not coming,” Stew says with a touch of amusement in his voice, when I answered our monthly Skype phone call for our live SHINE watching and catch up. “Why not!?!” I exclaim indignantly, it was always fun when it was the three of us and I was keen to hear how both of their recent trips had gone. “He thinks he has SARS.” Stew said without missing a beat and with a chuckle.

Now of course, Lee did not have SARS, but his amusement at Lee’s pain (which then turned into a long-running joke between the three of us), is one of the things that made me smile. He had a wicked sense of humour, which shone through in each and every one of our conversations.

I met Stew in 2012 a few months after opening up this website. I am the first one to tell you, that I opened this site up with very little knowledge of what the hell I was doing, or knowing anyone else outside of my bubble that enjoyed women’s wrestling as much I do. Lee Burton reached out to me first, introducing me to Stew and the three of us (+ my husband, Cory) got along straight away.

Lee, Stew and I had regular Skype wrestling ‘dates’ watching shows from SHINE, SHIMMER, AIW and WSU. I am sure both of the boys were floored that I have zero idea of what any of the moves are called, despite being a wrestling fan for about 20 years. They tolerated it though, Stew often explaining the names, patiently. My contributions to the conversation is always something like, “I love her hair!” or “Wow, her gear looks so pretty.” much to the boys amusement. In one our last conversations all together, the boys made all those comments, making my part redundant but proud that I could leave an imprint.

I loved hearing the boys debate about something wrestling related, and the times, we spent having a good ol’ chin wag about what we had seen, heard when we last saw each other. Stew had the best dry laugh. It was infectious. Whenever I had the opportunity, I always caught Bellatrix. I loved hearing Stew’s commentary on the shows and appreciated the shout-outs he always gave my way.

He was a true advocate for women’s wrestling, I truly learned so much for him. The podcasts that he and Lee produced together were always informative, engaging and supportive. It’s not fair that in our small community, we have to lose such a great person like him. Looking through the posts today from the individuals the took the time to share their stories about how they know him, they knew him and how much his company was appreciated, is heart-warming and touching.

Today, I remember the times he made me smile and laugh. Today I remember all the things he taught me. Today, I remember my friend, Stewart Allen, a quality human being, a genuine, kind-hearted, funny individual who was loved so much by anyone who came in contact with him.

Our thoughts and heart are with Stew’s family and close friends. We are sending big hugs in particular to Lee, the co-founder of Women of Wrestling with Stew, we love you Lee.

‘The world is rarely a fair place. That’s why it has people like me.’

Vale Stew, we love you.

Read also:
David Stewart Allen – 1977-2014

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SHINE 22 Results – Eagles, Evie, Skater & Cassidy appearing!

On October 10 (October 11 for the Aussie’s!) several women featured on NHB Girls will be appearing on the show.

Madison Eagles will face Ivellise for the SHINE Championship

Kellie Skater will be joining Mia Yim & Leva Bates vs Nevaeh, Marti Belle & Jayme Jameson

Evie will go toe-to-toe with Allysin Kay

KC Cassidy was scheduled to appear against Su Yung. However this match went ahead and it became apparent there was a schedule change.

KC Cassidy is taking on Rhia O’Reilly instead.

For the results please click over to the jump…

Read More

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Britenay calls out Megan-Kate

At Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand’s last event, September Selection it saw the BFF’s reunite and Megan-Kate attack Britenay.

Britenay has called out Megan-Kate, as reported by the IPW website.

“Megan Kate, welcome back from wherever you’ve been hiding. Great to see you’ve still got it, old girl. You know, I did nothing to warrant that attack from you. I earnt the IPW NZ Women’s Championship in my match against Evie at Rival Turf. I don’t care who you think you are, or who your BFF is, this Saturday at Battle Scars, I expect to see you there & let’s settle this one-on-one.”

Will Megan-Kate show up to answer? Find out this Saturday, the 11 October!

IPW Informer, recently took viewers behind the scenes of the BFF Reunion, check it out below!

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WarZone Wrestling Crowns First Women’s Champion

WarZone Wrestling 20 will go down in books as a history making event. The Four-Way Elimination match came down to Kellyanne and Savannah Summers, after they eliminated Miami & Toni Storm.

Savannah Summers resorted to her cunning ways, enlisting in the help in her former Riot City Wrestling buddy, Miami to help her seal the deal.

Savannah Summers got the pin and celebrated with the championship, but the brewing war between herself & Kellyanne is just start beginning.

They will face off against each other at WarZone Wrestling 21 on November 29. Provided that Savannah Summers retains the championship, she’s got her first title defence against Demi Bennett in a Title vs Title match at RCW Key to the City this Saturday.

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Preview: WarZone Wrestling 20 – Storm v Summers v Miami v Kellyanne

The 4th of October marks a new chapter for WarZone Wrestling Australia as they crown their very first Women’s Champion.

The focus on the women’s division shifted this year, and has gone from strength to strength.

Savannah Summers, Toni Storm, Miami and Kellyanne all are hungry for this championship belt and to put their stake into WarZone Wrestling history.

Toni Storm will be making her debut for WarZone Wrestling, the New Zealand born blonde has travelled extensive to sharpen her craft. From a short stint in Japan, to a long stint in the UK, for WarZone fans that have not encountered her before will surely underestimate the adorable-geeky-panda-hat wearing nature of Storm.

Kellyanne hasn’t wrestled in WarZone Wrestling in a long while, but fans can expect a very different Kellyanne since last time. She’s a graduate from The Lance Storm Wrestling Academy and she’s trained in Mexico. Upon, her return from overseas, she has gone from strength to strength. Like Toni Storm, it’s easy to underestimate her, but she’s quick in the ring and if you blink, you could easily miss it.

Savannah Summers is the former Riot City Women’s Wrestling Champion, and no doubt the frustration of losing that championship would be channelled into this match. The stakes are high for this former champion and she has impressed the past few shows, she’s very familiar with all of her opponents and will be using this knowledge to her advantage.

Miami, new to WarZone Wrestling is one of the toughest women we know. Her strikes are hard (and hurt!), and she has been training solidly since she relocated to Melbourne. She is the first female graduate from the Riot City Wrestling Academy, ironically during the women’s tournament for the RCW Women’s Champion, it came down to herself and Savannah Summers. It would come as no surprise to us, if there is a need to settle the score…

Who do you think will walk out as the FIRST WarZone Women’s Champion?

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Ten Things You Need to Know About KC Cassidy

1. She is a former dancer, a few years ago she opted for new love and passion of wrestling over dancing.

2. KC Cassidy began her wrestling training in Sydney, Australia at the age of 16 at a PWA Intense Summer Boot Camp!

3. After only TWO months of training she had her very first match, a mixed tag with Robbie Eagles against Madison Eagles & Mike Valuable.

4. She’s trained with Lance Storm – KC even wrote a blog for us about her adventure, you can check it out here! 

5. Whilst in Canada, she wrestled for PWA Canada capturing the Women’s Championship in Calgary.

6. KC’s one of the trainers at Vicious Pursuit Pro Wrestling & Performance Academy in Melbourne, Australia.

7. When Madison Eagles moved overseas, KC claimed the PWWA Championship for herself. She said, “I felt at the time that although I lost my championship match against her the month before she left, that I put up and tough fight and I deserved it, so I took it into my own hands- literally.”

8. Her finishing moves are a running knee to the head or top rope cross-body.

9. On a cheat day, she can be found eating Sherbies.

10. She was trained in Australia by Robbie, Madison and Ryan Eagles, Sean O’Shea and Carlo Cannon

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Pre-Order the NHB Girls 2015 Calendar!

NHBgirlsPARTEDITED_0227-1SMALLwmnewAs we announced two weeks ago, you can start 2015 with a bang with the most exciting and eclectic group of women’s wrestlers gracing your wall in the NHB Girls Calendar.

Excitingly, you can now pre-order! Any orders placed prior to December 31, will receive a free gift with their purchase.

Please note calendars will not be shipped until November 15. 

Want to order? Jump on over to HERE.

Huge thank you to all of the girls, Submit Clothing, Vicious Pursuit & Mikey Jay Productions for their assistance and dedication in getting the project completed.

Particulars: The calendar is A4 size with a month to a page. 

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