“About Time” – The MCW Fight To Survive Wrap Up

It was a long time in the making and Kellyanne finally got her opportunity when she was scheduled to appear against KC Cassidy yesterday evening at Melbourne City Wrestling.

Unfortunately it was not meant to be and Kellyanne was attacked by Miami upon her arrival to Tullamarine. Despite doctors ordering her not to wrestle against KC Cassidy, she still attempted to do so until Miami appeared again and intervened.

Kellyanne is an accomplished wrestler, wrestling & training around the world. She’s a graduate of the Storm Wrestling Academy (same class as KC Cassidy!) and we hope that she takes a small time out to recover from her injuries inflicted by Miami and get revenge.


On the flip-side, Miami seems to not win any friends, as the hatred between herself and KC Cassidy runs deep. With the Hardway Inc crew in her corner, Miami has gone from strength to strength. She showed no mercy a few shows ago, ruthlessly attacking KC Cassidy’s injured hand to pick up the win.

Don’t discount KC Cassidy though, she’s strong and got tough girl swag. Her dedication to her craft does not go unnoticed and since her return from the Storm Wrestling Academy, she has positioned herself as a force to be reckoned with.

The duo faced off in the ring and it’s not long until this will all come to a head. But we wonder, can Miami keep track of how many enemies she’s making at MCW?

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Undisputed IPW NZ Women’s Champion crowned

For months now we have seen Britenay and Evie reignite their rivalry in a major way.

Whilst Evie was in Japan (kicking heads and taking names), Impact Pro Wrestling crowned an interim women’s champion in her absence. That person was Britenay.

Since Evie returned, the duo have feuded over the belt. First Evie ‘stole’ it and then Britenay ‘stole’ it back. It’s taken a while to get these two in the ring to face off one on one.

Last night that opportunity was had, and Britenay came out on top. The elated Facebook post with the triumphant photo posted with the caption, “Your Undisputed IPW NZ Women’s Champion!!!”

Judging by Evie’s Facebook, she was less impressed. “Welp.

Covered in welts and bruises. Chucked head first into a damn wall. Stupid kids yelling at me to put pants on.

Last night didn’t go to plan. Even though Britenay is now *shudder* undisputed Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand Women’s Champion, she should really be charged with assault…right??”

With Evie already announced for SHINE in October, we wonder if she’ll take the time away to come back with a new plan on how to challenge Britenay for the championship.


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Weekend Catch Up

@ PWA Australia” The Thin Red Line (NSW) on August 23, 2014 - Shazza McKenzie def Jessie McKay to retain the PWWA Championship

The Green Nation – “The Green Dragon” Mick Moretti & Madison Eagles def The Hive, Blue Oni & Instagraham, The Rainbro Warriors to become the new PWA Tag Team Champions


Photo: From PWA Twitter

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Weekend Wrap Up

@ IPW: Trial by Combat (NZ) on 26 July 2014 – Carmen Rose & Britenay defeated Evie & Olivia Shaw

@ SCW (NZ) on 26 July 2014 – JPE vs Scarlett vs Krystal Kayne ended in double submission, The referee couldn’t determine the winner as both JPE and Scarlett had submission moves applied, so all titles were retained.

@ Riot City Wrestling: Ole Lucha Libre (SA) on 26 July, 2014 – Las Rana Izaca, Astro Rey & El Ingles def Venus, La Rubia & Zorra Loca


Photo from Evie’s FB page.

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IPW Trial by Combat: Shaw & Evie vs Britenay & Rose

As predicted the tension between Evie and Britenay will come to a head (sorta) this weekend at Impact Pro Wrestling’s Trial by Combat.

With an twist, Olivia Shaw and Carmen Shaw have been added as tag-team partners to these fierce competitors.

Whilst this match won’t settle who is the rightful owner of the IPW Women’s Championship (or will it?), we wonder how will Shaw or Rose affect the match up and what it’s going to be like when Britenay and Evie finally get their hands on each other.

Who do you see coming out on top?

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Weekend Wrap Up


Photo by David Michael


@ Maniacs United: Supremacy (NZ) on 19 July 2014: Hotaru won the Jackson Shield defeating JPE & Scarlett amongst the competitors.

The Jackson Shield is Maniacs United first title, for full write up of the event jump on over to NZPWI.


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Upcoming Shows


@ Australian Wrestling Allstars (SA) on July 19, 2014 – Match TBA

@ Hughes Academy of Professional Wrestling (NZ) on August 2, 2014 - Krystal Kayne v Frankie Quinn v Tabitha v Misty

@ New Age Wrestling: Driven (VIC) on August 2, 2014 – Match TBA

@ Wrestleclash: USA v Mexico (SA) on August 8, 2014 – Match TBA

@ Melbourne City Wrestling: Clash of the Titans (VIC) on August 9, 2014 – Evie v Storm

@ Wrestlerock (VIC) on August 16, 2014

@ NHPW: Perth City Riot (WA) on August 23, 2014

@ PWA Australia” The Thin Red Line (NSW) on August 23, 2014 – Match TBA

@ Blue Mountain Pro Wrestling (NSW) on August 31, 2014 – Madison Eagles v Shazza McKenzie

Last Updated 5 July 2014

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In Video: Emma v Cameron

After a short hiatus off WWE TV, Emma returned on WWE Main Event this week as an opponent for Cameron. In case you missed it, check it out below:

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Hughes Academy adds a Women’s Championship to it’s cabinet

On August 2, Hughes Academy will showcase a women’s match as it’s main event.

Krystal Kayne, Tabitha, Frankie Quinn and Misty will all be a part of this four way elimination match. After the first two eliminations, the match will be stopped and the two remaining wrestlers will then go into face each other in a singles match for the NEW Hughes Academy of Professional Wrestling Women’s Championship.

We recently showcased the work that Krystal and Frankie had been doing and their progress since being with the Hughes Academy.

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Weekend Wrap Up


@ Newcastle Pro Wrestling 31 (NSW) on July 12, 2014 – Rachel Rose & Demi Bennett def Harley Wonderland & Madison Eagles

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