Round 3: Skater vs Evie

11822425_986986371341184_2905077720841274941_nHot off the presses, Melbourne City Wrestling has just announced a fall count anywhere match between Evie vs Kellie Skater!

“For the past two months, Kellie Skater and Evie have been competing in the most acclaimed matches the MCW womens division has ever seen, but in both instances, the matches have seen count out finishes, which led Kellie Skater to demand one more match to settle the score, once and for all.

Now, on September 12 at MCW Clash of the Titans 2015, these two fierce competitors will be competing in a Falls Count Anywhere match, where anything goes, a first for the womens division in Melbourne City Wrestling! This is going to be a spectacle that you won’t want to miss! Tickets are on sale now!”


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Welcome Peyton Royce & Billie Kay!

The WWE universe has officially given the Australian NXT recruits their names!

KC Cassidy is now known as Peyton Royce.

Jessie McKay is now known as Billie Kay.


We really like the names here at NHB Girls HQ! What do you think?

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Jessie McKay ready to make waves in NXT

20150507_JessieMcKay_HOMEPAGE_CFormer PWWA Champion and newest NXT recruit, Jessie McKay recently sat down with to talk about representing her country in the WWE.

Read the interview here!

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A dream comes true for NXT recruit, KC Cassidy

20150911_cassiemcintosh_EP_LIGHT-hpCassie, aka KC Cassidy, recently sat down with to talk about being the newest recruit and making her debut on NXT television just within weeks of arriving.

Read more here.

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The Re-match: Skater vs Evie

11709548_972602132779608_8222457281974973069_nKellie Skater will get the opportunity for revenge against Evie with Melbourne City Wrestling announcing today that a re-match had been signed for MCW Crowning a Champion on 8 August.

This match will be a 2 out of 3 falls, their previous MCW encounter ended with Evie grabbing Skater’s tight to seal the win.

More information about the event can be found here.


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Emma sets the record straight


Emma recently sat down with to set the record straight on her return to NXT and her beginnings in wrestling.

Check it out here!

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Megan-Kate ends Britenay’s reign


At IPW, The Ultimate Prize in New Zealand last night, Megan-Kate claimed the IPW Women’s Championship from Britenay.

Megan-Kate ended the near year long reign of Britenay.

Credit to Brad Fisher for the photo

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Evie bests Skater in Skater’s hometown!

1560581_726725887389655_2253144613107114536_nLast night at Melbourne City Wrestling saw Evie defeated Kellie Skater at MCW Fight to Survive.

A small snippet of their match can be seen on the promotion’s official instagram page, and obviously the feud is still strong between these too!


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MCW Ballroom Brawl results

19200_943674429005712_8559063014252849231_nThe First Lady of Melbourne City Wrestling, Shazza McKenzie made her return answering Siren’s open challenge.

Siren Monroe bested Shazza McKenzie with the assistance of the ring-ropes, but we can’t help but wonder if she is on borrowed time until her run comes to a screeching halt?

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NHPW Global Conflict Results

11149029_10153292744329468_1580964686_nNIGHT ONE RESULTS:

Madison Eagles defeated Harley Wonderland to retain the IndyGurlz Australian Championship & advance to round 2

Savannah Summers defeated Siren Monroe to retain the Riot City Wrestling Women’s Championship & advance to round 2

Kellyanne defeated Kellie Skater to retain the WarZone Women’s Championship, become the NEW Pacific Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion & advance to round 2

Kellie Skater defeated Siren Monroe & Harley Wonderland in the last chance triple threat to to advance to round 2


Madison Eagles defeated Kellyanne to advance to the final

Kellie Skater defeated Savannah Summers to advance to the final

Sex Mafia defeated Chris Vice & Harley Wonderland

Kellie Skater defeated Madison Eagles to win the 2015 Global Conflict Shield Tournament

Results Credit: NHPW 


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