Pre-Order the NHB Girls 2015 Calendar!

NHBgirlsPARTEDITED_0227-1SMALLwmnewAs we announced two weeks ago, you can start 2015 with a bang with the most exciting and eclectic group of women’s wrestlers gracing your wall in the NHB Girls Calendar.

Excitingly, you can now pre-order! Any orders placed prior to December 31, will receive a free gift with their purchase.

Please note calendars will not be shipped until November 15. 

Want to order? Jump on over to HERE.

Huge thank you to all of the girls, Submit Clothing, Vicious Pursuit & Mikey Jay Productions for their assistance and dedication in getting the project completed.

Particulars: The calendar is A4 size with a month to a page. 

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Mark down November 15, City Chicks 3!

During the week, Riot City Wrestling announced the third City Chicks show which will take place on November 15. At this stage, no card has been announced, however we can safely assume that the hotly contested RCW Women’s Championship will be the mix somewhere.

We will be in attendance & bringing you live coverage of the event!


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KC Cassidy is Girls Night Out 13 Bound!

The crowd in Cleveland, Ohio are in for a real treat with the international showdown between Scotland’s Nikki Storm vs KC Cassidy.

This will be KC Cassidy’s debut for Absolute Intense Wrestling, and a unique introduction to female fight season on the other side of the world. She’s a Storm Wrestling Academy graduate, and has been involved in a fierce feud with Hard Way Inc’s Miami at Melbourne City Wrestling for the most part of this year.

Some of the best wrestling we’ve seen from KC Cassidy has been this year and in recent months, her determination and passion undeniable. Nikki Storm will be a tough opponent, that’s for sure, but we think with KC Cassidy’s ‘Tough Girl Swag’, she’s going to make a huge imprint in the USA.

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BFF’s Reunite!

Bx9bLFSCMAA9Xp7Last night at Impact Pro Wrestling’s September Selection event saw fans vote for the return of Megan-Kate to guest referee in the Brook Duncan vs Britenay match.

We’re told she called the match down the line and counted the 1, 2 3 for Britenay to get the win in the Battle of the Sexes match. After the match, she kicked Britenay in the head, removed her referee top to reveal the BFF t-shirt.

Evie is thrilled to have her partner in crime back, posting the below photo on her Twitter. The BFF’s have reunited – what does that mean for the rest of the women at IPW?



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Our Big Announcement

We are SO excited to announce in conjunction with Cory Lockwood Photography our big project.

We are releasing a calendar for 2015!

Featuring some of the best female wrestlers in Australia & New Zealand, they have completed never-seen-before, exclusive photo shoots with the team at Cory Lockwood Productions.

We believe in giving back to our community is important too, so $5 from every calendar sold will be donated to the Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Pre-registration will be available shortly, and the official launch date will be announced soon.

For any company that may be interested in an advertisement spot in the calendar, we still have some major and minor sponsorship options available, please contact us, if you’d like to know more.

Huge thank you to all of the girls, Submit Clothing, Vicious Pursuit & Mikey Jay Productions for their assistance and dedication in getting the project completed.

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In Video: PWWA Championship – Shazza McKenzie vs Jessie McKay

Recently at PWA ‘The Thin Red Line’ it saw Shazza McKenzie take on Jessie McKay in her first title PWWA defense.

You can see the video of this match right here

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Upcoming Shows

Rock & Roll Wrestling LIVE (NSW) @ September 6 – Match TBA

Hughes Academy of Pro Wrestling (NZ) @ September 13 – Krystal Kayne vs Misty vs Frankie Quinn to be crowned the Women’s Champion

NAW: Melton Mayhem 8 (VIC) @ September 13 – Match TBA

PCW: Carnage (VIC) @ September 13 – Match TBA

Newcastle Pro Wrestling #33 (NSW) @ September 20 – Match TBA

Warzone 20 (VIC) @ October 4 – Savannah Summers vs Storm vs Miami vs Kellyanne English to crown the Warzone Women’s Title

RCW: Key to the City (SA) @ October 11 – Match TBA

AWA: Dangerzone (QLD) @ October 25 – Sara Jay vs ??

MCW: Fourth Anniversary Extravaganza (VIC) @ November 1 – Match TBA

NAW: Anniversary Bash X (VIC) @ December 6 – Match TBA

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Eagles, Skater & Evie named in SHINE 22 line-up

This past week, excitingly Kellie Skater, Madison Eagles & Evie were named in the upcoming card for SHINE 22.

This will be Kellie Skater’s first match back after returning home to Australia and discovering she injured her foot.

No opponents have been named yet but stay tuned to this space!

This event is available LIVE on iPPV via


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“About Time” – The MCW Fight To Survive Wrap Up

It was a long time in the making and Kellyanne finally got her opportunity when she was scheduled to appear against KC Cassidy yesterday evening at Melbourne City Wrestling.

Unfortunately it was not meant to be and Kellyanne was attacked by Miami upon her arrival to Tullamarine. Despite doctors ordering her not to wrestle against KC Cassidy, she still attempted to do so until Miami appeared again and intervened.

Kellyanne is an accomplished wrestler, wrestling & training around the world. She’s a graduate of the Storm Wrestling Academy (same class as KC Cassidy!) and we hope that she takes a small time out to recover from her injuries inflicted by Miami and get revenge.


On the flip-side, Miami seems to not win any friends, as the hatred between herself and KC Cassidy runs deep. With the Hardway Inc crew in her corner, Miami has gone from strength to strength. She showed no mercy a few shows ago, ruthlessly attacking KC Cassidy’s injured hand to pick up the win.

Don’t discount KC Cassidy though, she’s strong and got tough girl swag. Her dedication to her craft does not go unnoticed and since her return from the Storm Wrestling Academy, she has positioned herself as a force to be reckoned with.

The duo faced off in the ring and it’s not long until this will all come to a head. But we wonder, can Miami keep track of how many enemies she’s making at MCW?

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Undisputed IPW NZ Women’s Champion crowned

For months now we have seen Britenay and Evie reignite their rivalry in a major way.

Whilst Evie was in Japan (kicking heads and taking names), Impact Pro Wrestling crowned an interim women’s champion in her absence. That person was Britenay.

Since Evie returned, the duo have feuded over the belt. First Evie ‘stole’ it and then Britenay ‘stole’ it back. It’s taken a while to get these two in the ring to face off one on one.

Last night that opportunity was had, and Britenay came out on top. The elated Facebook post with the triumphant photo posted with the caption, “Your Undisputed IPW NZ Women’s Champion!!!”

Judging by Evie’s Facebook, she was less impressed. “Welp.

Covered in welts and bruises. Chucked head first into a damn wall. Stupid kids yelling at me to put pants on.

Last night didn’t go to plan. Even though Britenay is now *shudder* undisputed Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand Women’s Champion, she should really be charged with assault…right??”

With Evie already announced for SHINE in October, we wonder if she’ll take the time away to come back with a new plan on how to challenge Britenay for the championship.


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