Nikita Naridian declares war on PCW!

Nikita Naridian being assisted by Sway

On November 5 2011, PCW Melbourne fans saw Nikita Naridian storm the building with PCW talent, Siren Munroe & Ashley Sparks protesting about PCW’s treatment of women.

Nikita, one of Melbourne’s upcoming talents, expressed her displeasure at PCW not including any females on their wrestling roster and using women only to sell hot dogs & merchandise.

The three women were removed from the building by security, but they vowed they would not go down without a fight.

Nikita led the trio to the ring on December 17 at PCW’s Christmas Chaos event. Interrupting Mr Big & Bass in the ring & even going as far as attacking the two men! Once again, security removed the women from the building, much to their frustration at not being properly heard.

Determined, Nikita led the girls to charge on January 14 at PCW’s Rage in a Cage event, Once again, interrupting the live show with their protest. PCW have released a statement today via their facebook stating, that they have had enough and will be putting their security on high alert, to ensure that the three women don’t interrupt PCW Risk at Knox Polish Club tomorrow (4 February, 2012) evening!

We here at NHB Girls, advocate women and this site is a testament that women’s wrestling is alive and amazing in Australia, we know that Nikita & her crew will surely show those boys at PCW who’s boss!

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