Upcoming Shows

PWWA Interim Title Tournament - First Round

@ AAW Anniversary VI (WA) on April 14 2012 – Imogen Jane (c) v Storm for the AAW Women’s Championship

@ NAW Double Jeopardy (VIC) on April 14 2012 – Nikita Naridian (c) v Vixsin for the NAW Women’s Championship

@ Newcastle Pro Wrestling (NSW) on April 14 2012 – Harley Wonderland v Aurora

@ MCW New Horizons (VIC) on April 21 2012 – Shazza McKenzie v Eliza Sway

@ PWA Australia Uncivil War (NSW) on April 21 2012 – First Round of PWWA Interim Women’s Champion Tournament:
Alex Lee v Kellie Skater (Picture Above)
Jessie McKay v Harley Wonderland

@PWA Australia (NSW) on May 5 2012 – 2 First Round Tournament matches for the PWWA Interim Women’s Champion Tournment (Matches to be announced)

@ PWAQ (QLD) on May 11 2012 – Storm (c) v Sara Jay for the PWAQ Women’s Championship

@ AWF: Australia v The World & AWF Adrenaline LIVE (NSW) on May 12 2012 – Aurora v Mighty Mel

@PWA Australia – Northern Exposure (QLD) on May 18 2012 – Matches to be announced

@ NHPW (WA) on May 26 2012 – Kellie Skater (c) v Shazza McKenzie for the Indygurlz Australian Championship
If you know of any other matches that are upcoming, be sure to leave us a comment on this page or message us on Facebook & we’ll update the list!

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