Weekend Round Up


It was a huge weekend in title changes & streak ending moments across the country.

@ AAW Anniversary VI (WA) on April 14 2012 – Storm def Imogen Jane to win the AAW Women’s Championship. Storm will bring the championship back to QLD, how will this change things back on the Coast?

@ NAW Double Jeopardy (VIC) on April 14 2012 – Vixsin def Nikita Naridian for the NAW Women’s Championship. After the match, Lowzen came down to the ring and head butt both girls. What does this mean for the next show?

@ Newcastle Pro Wrestling (NSW) on April 14 2012 – Aurora def Harley Wonderland, after the match Harley Wonderland was cursing Shazza McKenzie out on Twitter for costing her the match. Bit of trouble brewing in Newcastle?

What a weekend for women’s wrestling!

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