Exclusive: PROWL Critical Mass Match Announcement

A few weeks ago, NHB Girls exclusively announced that Michelle K Hasluck would take on the undefeated Storm at PROWL Wrestling’s Critical Mass event on August 11 in Queensland.

NHB Girls caught up with both girls exclusively, to get their thoughts on the upcoming match.

Michelle, who has returned to the ring after taking some time away to recover from a serious neck injury & having her first child, made her PROWL Wrestling debut just last month taking on Alex Lee (Irena Janjic) and Storm. She wasn’t successful, allowing Storm to continue her undefeated streak with PROWL. Michelle, isn’t any stranger to the ring though, she began in 2003, training with Explosive Pro Wrestling (EPW). The wrestling promotion which has born & bred some of the most amazing talents, Australia has ever seen. Michelle began to travel, early on into her training, taking the time to continue to build on her knowledge & experience across the country with other promotions. There is no doubt, that Michelle is taking her preparation for this match seriously. When NHB Girls reached her for a comment, she stated; “I am talking to people she (Storm) has wrestled previously and watching her matches to see what she has to bring to the table. Hopefully by the time August comes along I will know Storm about as well as she knows herself.”

Michelle goes on to say that, “When I take on Storm the fans should expect to see her taken to her absolute limits. I know Storm has faced a lot of girls up there in Queensland, and has come out on top, ESPECIALLY in PROWL. BUT that’s the difference. I’m not a girl. I am a woman, who has years experience and a size and strength advantage that she hasn’t had to counteract before. The fans can expect hard hitting; powerful moves from me, which is a very contrasting style to Storm’s quickness and high flying, and expect to see Storm’s shoulders to be pinned.”

Storm, has created a storm (literally) since her crash into the Australian Wrestling scene. A shining star amongst the Queensland wrestling community, she debut in 2009, wrestling all over Australia and in her native New Zealand. She’s captured titles around the country and the self-proclaimed Queen of the Pride, has an undefeated streak in PROWL wrestling. This has put a target on her back. For Storm, this match is more than keeping a streak in-tact; it’s about proving her place at the top and don’t think for a moment, that Storm is complacent, she told NHB Girls exclusively that “I train hard every single day and that is why I am undefeated! Michelle is no threat to me!”

So what can fans expect from Storm during this match? “I think we all know what to expect here. So far in PROWL I’ve been undefeated and if Michelle is so certain on beating me, she should have been able to do it by now! Seems like Michelle is all talk, no action!”

Watch out PROWL Wrestling fans, August 11, Critical Mass, Storm takes on Michelle K Hasluck and be rest assured, neither girl will be holding back.

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