NHPW Global Conflict 2013 – Night 1 Wrap Up

Kellie Skater def Nikita Naridian

A match that literally been years in the making (both of the girls hail from the same state, and have yet to ever wrestle each other), both of their styles complimented each other beautifully.

It’s impressive to see how far Nikita has come since her time in Mexico, it’s actually pretty awesome to witness! Skater’s repeated exclaimations of “I’ve Got THIS!” came certainly true, when she pinned Nikita Naridian to move onto the next round of the Global Conflict Tournament.

Madison Eagles def Storm

After a confiscation of forks from Eagles, the match was able to get underway. At one point Eagles delivered the nastiest kick to the back of Storm’s head that echoed all across the building. When Storm got ‘one up’ on Eagles, she made sure to celebrate in the ring, much to the enjoyment of ring-side fans who revelled in this opportunity to taunt Eagles further.

Was the first time I got the opportunity to see Storm in action and I was impressed. The best part is that she’s young, so she’s not even begun to really flourish yet and she’s already great in the ring. Despite all of this, wasn’t enough to escape Madison’s hellbound to the knee finisher. I think above all else – Saraya unable to attend the event was a blessing in disguise for the NHPW crowd. Madison is a pretty amazing replacement & she did not disappoint at all.

Tomoka Nakagawa def Miami

Miami came out rocking with attitude and at first used her height to her advantage. Tomoka is quick and as such, became aware of this quickly & early on in the match.

It was such a pleasure to watch Tomoka in the ring for the first time, after watching her for some time. I think she and Miami did a great job and the crowd were definitely *hating* Miami before, during & after the match. Right place, right time, Tomoka made Miami submit to go through onto the next round.

Portia Perez def Eliza Sway

This match had so many variables going into it, with Eliza Sway being the Indygurlz Australian Champion & Portia’s video message warning that she was coming to participate in “Mortal Kombat”.  The moment the women stepped into the ring, the heavens opened and Portia immediately slid out of the ring and sought refuge outside of it. After being called a chicken by the crowd, she slid back out and sought refuge with the referee, “kindly” asking him to make it stop. Eliza Sway wasn’t having any of this though – she remained fixed and focused.

It was great to see Portia wrestle live & in person, even more so to see her scream in little kids faces and have the kids taunt her back by repeating every single thing she said… back to her. It wasn’t meant to be Eliza Sway’s night though, Nikita Naridian ran out and distracted Sway just before she was about to hit her finisher. Giving Portia the opportunity to roll up and get the pin.

– Rhi Lockwood
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