NHPW Global Conflict 2013 – Night 2 Wrap Up

Kellie Skater def Tomoka Nakagawa

When 3G collide, they…. explode! The crowd welcomed Tomoka with green streamers, which was a pretty cool experience! The SHIMMER Tag Team Champions did not hold back, with stiff hits and kicks. At one point, Skater could be heard exclaiming, “Bad Friend! Bad Friend!” I think the best part about this match was that they didn’t hold back, they truly gave it their all and that they know each other so well. In the end, Kellie Skater got the pin & the win to advance into the final. 3G hugged and Skater held up her 3G t-shirt as a sign of respect.

Portia Perez def Madison Eagles

You know you are in for a good match when the referee starts to confiscate kitchen utensils from both of the girls. A fork, a spoon, a butter knife… hell, there was even a teaspoon in there! Madison Eagles also arrived with a number of Global Conflict participation medals around her neck, I am sure some of the participants were wondering where those went! This was one of my favourite matches from both of the Global Conflict nights – even a nice shot to the lady garden by both women… and the referee. There were a few near-falls before Portia went back to her cheating ways. Picking up Madison’s collection of Global Conflict participation belts and making out she’d be hit with them. The referee disqualified Madison on the spot, much to her disgust.

The Dating Game
Nikita Naridian & Hayden Zenith vs Storm & Jay Taylor vs Eliza Sway & Ryan Rollins vs Miami & Chris Vice
WINNER: Jay Taylor & Eliza Sway

The rules of this game are simple, everyone has a partner, but when you get into the ring – it’s fair game. Men can fight women and the last two standing go out on an all expenses paid date. Naturally with so many people in the ring, it’s hard to keep track as to who is doing what, but Nikita Naridian visibly annoyed with her partner, was just a LITTLE bit too excited for Chris Vice’s entry. This naturally caused friction between herself and Miami. In the end though, the two remaining standing were Eliza Sway and the very sleazy, Jay Taylor.  After the match, Eliza Sway took the mic and talked about how disappointed she was that she was knocked out of the tournament by a cheater, when she is one of the best wrestlers in Australia. She was interrupted by Madison Eagles, who said that Portia cheated in her match also, but she was truly the best women’s wrestler in the world & that she would prove that to her soon enough. She knocked Sway down, taking her belt and left, leaving Sway laying in the ring.

Global Conflict 2013 Final
Portia Perez def Kellie Skater

Kellie Skater was focused and ready to go, getting on the mic declaring war on Portia Perez. The two girls argued when Portia got into the ring, and the tension was thick in the air. With matches earlier in the night, it was obvious that the women were not going to use fatigue as an excuse. It was Portia Perez that came out on top though, much to Skater’s horror. As Portia celebrated her Mortal Kombat win, she was presented with shield & Miami and Nikita Naridian, came to ringside to applaud her. The crowd threw streamers as the show came to a close.

Overall thoughts:

Very excited and happy to fly from Melbourne to Perth to witness this event and love the set up that NHPW have. Their shows look great and the respect shown to the women, did not go unnoticed. The potential for Eliza Sway v Madison Eagles in the future definitely has my interest peaked and would not hesitate travelling to one of their shows again. Had a brilliant time & huge thank you to every single person that made me feel so welcome.

– Rhi Lockwood
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