Canada In A Nut Shell

Canada In A Nut Shell

I am currently sitting in San Francisco airport waiting for my connecting flight to LA and then I’ll finally be on my way back to Australia!!

I thought this would be an ideal time to write my final blog of my Canadian adventure since I’m already sitting here reminiscing on all the good times.

KC & Nikita with Lance Storm
Credit: Nikita’s Facebook

The ups: obviously the opportunity to be trained by the best in the world, Lance Storm. I am confident in my ability as a professional wrestler now thanks to Lance. He is a wonderful mentor and has shared great advice and given me so much support. Lance cares so much about his students and that shows when guys who have never trained before are able to walk away with three months of training and are able to confidently wrestle a match. Best decision I could have ever made for my career at this point was definitely going to Calgary to get trained by Lance.

Being extremely fortunate to wrestle for Prairie Wrestling Alliance, and becoming their Women’s Champion! This is definitely a highlight of the trip for me.

I was able to prove to myself that hard work pays off and for me it paid off in a fantastic way.

Making a whole bunch of new friends all over the world. Our class had 5 Australian students, 6 Americans, 1 Frenchmen… well they are the ones who were able to stay until the end of camp. But we did have 5 other students who due to their own reasons had to drop out and they were from Ireland, Canada and the U.S. This 3 month camp brought us very close and I’m sure we’ll all stay in contact and want the best for each other.

Nikita, KC & Ryan Rollins

Being a tourist in my spare time. When I wasn’t training or wrestling on a PWA show on the weekends I had the delight of seeing some of Canada’s beautiful attractions.

I went to Lake Louise is Banff National Park and it was probably the most beautiful site I’ve ever seen. Snow covered mountains behind a gorgeous aqua coloured lake surrounded by a forest (I think it’s a forest, but I could be wrong). I was able to go canoeing in the lake and get right up close to the mountains. I of course captured some great photos! I was able to make a weekend of West Edmonton Mall. The largest mall in the world… or something along those lines. We initially had planned on just having a look around on the Saturday but realized it was way too big to see all of it in one day. We were able to do a bit of shopping and take advantage of the theme park- yep, inside the mall! Anyway, we found a place to stay that night and went back to spend Sunday enjoying the incredible water park… that’s in the mall too!

The countless nights the class went to dinner at Boston Pizza to watch a UFC event or just eat and win a couple games of pool.

The downs: ….. yep, nothing!

Canada is a trip I’ll never forget and I’m so happy I’ll be able to take these memories with me wherever life takes me. The memories I made at training, with the class and growing as a person. I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity and so glad I did it.

Now for me, I have new goals I’m working to achieve and I’ll keep chasing this dream.

Goodbye until my next adventure!

KC Cassidy

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