Interview with KC Cassidy

KC Cassidy

Three years ago, KC Cassidy made her debut on the Australian wrestling scene, after training for two short months at the PWA Training Academy. With trainers like Robbie Eagles and founders Ryan Eagles & Madison Eagles at the helm, you have to know that this girl has the skills and she got noticed. KC Cassidy has combat injury and come out every single time, swinging, fighting and overcoming the odds to prove that she is here to stay & serious about her wrestling.

KC Cassidy is now about to make her mark overseas, and we were honoured that she agreed to sit down and talk with us about her career in wrestling & what lies ahead.

Thanks heaps for taking the time out to sit down with me today KC!

Thanks for having me!

How did you get into wrestling, what motivated you to get into it?

My mum was a huge fan of Australian Wrestling in the 70s, she used to love Tex McKenzie, Mario Milano, Skull Murphy and of course, Larry O’Dea. She would always tell me about her adventures into channel 9 studios with her best girlfriend but i didn’t really get what she was talking about until we got FOXTEL. The first thing i watched was Monday Night Raw. I immediately fell in love. The extravagant wrestling gear, the entrance music, the outrageous moves and of course Eddie Guerrero’s low rider, i was hooked! I was 11 years old and up until this point, dancing had consumed my entire life. Straight away i told my family i wanted to become a professional wrestler. They were a little upset at first because they were so proud of how far I had already taken my dancing career and knew i could go so much further, but it was no longer in my heart, wrestling had taken over. On my 16th birthday i went to dinner with my mum and couple great friends in my local area and on the front door to the restaurant was a big colourful poster advertising Pro Wrestling Alliance Australia’s ‘Intense Summer Boot camp’… ‘Mum, I know what i want for my birthday!’ Two months later I began boot camp. To put it lightly, they kicked my butt! But I loved it and never left. On the last day of the camp we all sat down and got some feedback from our trainers. I remember them saying to one of the guys ‘you’re a good wrestler, keep training and you’ll be great!’ They got to me and I got positive feedback as well, it was very encouraging and just pushed my drive to keep getting better. Like the other guy, I wanted to be great.

You trained with PWA and had your debut match after only two months training. This is a pretty impressive feat! How do you think the training at PWA has prepared you for your wrestling career?

Yes, I started training in January and had my first mixed tag match in February! KC Cassidy and Robbie Eagles Vs Madison Eagles and Mike Valuable. I remember I was so excited when I found out I was going to have my first match. I got a text message and started jumping around like the ground was too hot for my feet and I made a big scene about it. *laughs* The training at PWA is fantastic. The trainers have a lot of knowledge and experience not only around Australia but all over America and Japan and anywhere else wrestling has a prominent status in society. They made sure I was prepared before going out and wrestling a match and I trusted their judgement.

KC Cassidy

Who do you credit as your inspiration when it comes to wrestling or even just everyday life?

My family inspire me, my trainers inspire me, every single wrestler trying to make it inspires me, any person who is out there chasing a dream or overcoming the odds or trying to improve themselves inspire me. I see other people’s passions and their achievements and I just can’t wait to show the world what I’ve got.

You’ve overcome a pretty full-on injury, and you look better than ever. How did you keep your passion alive, did you have a mantra or saying that kept you focused on what you wanted?

Yeah, I suffered a torn PCL in my knee in a match last year. Probably the worst physical pain I’ve ever felt. I’ve had black eyes and strained muscles and a few other small injuries here and there but this was my first real injury and it was a pretty scary time.

I had all sorts of doctors appointments and scans and x-rays and MRI’s, every day I was waiting for another appointment or I’d be waiting on a result, it took forever to find out exactly what I had done and to what extent. My surgeon said PCL injuries are very common and a lot of people especially athletes go on doing their thing without needing surgery. I then had rehab on my knee three days a week for two months. I was told I wouldn’t be wrestling for 8 months to a year. Hearing that tore me apart because I was scheduled to participate in a PWWA show two weeks after getting the injury and that clearly wasn’t happening for me now.

Anyway I religiously did my exercises at home so I could come back ASAP and almost 3 months later I made my return to the ring. Knowing I was going to Canada really kept me driven. 8 months to a year? It was 9 months til Canada when I hurt myself. I kept thinking about that everyday and when I was too tired to do anything or wanted to just go to bed, I got up and did my strengthening exercises knowing I had a dream to chase. After I was fully healed I was in the gym day in and day out so determined and focused, I wanted to get back to where I was physically before my injury. Now I honestly feel better than ever and it’s really proved to me that I can overcome anything to achieve my dream, and I will.

When Madison Eagles went overseas, you claimed yourself the PWWA Champion, what motivated you to do this?

I felt at the time that although I lost my championship match against her the month before she left, that I put up and tough fight and I deserved it, so I took it into my own hands- literally. She left the championship behind when she went overseas and no one else seemed prepared to represent the title of ‘PWWA Champion’, and I most certainly did.

Best match to date?

Some of my favourite matches to date have been against Jessie McKay, Madison Eagles, Nikita Naridian and Savannah Summers. It’s hard to pick my best over my favourite because every match i strive for improvement. There is a different element in each of those matches that is better than another and there has been a lot of time in between them to learn so I can’t pick at this stage, I’m sorry!

You are now based in Melbourne, after relocating from Sydney. Are you enjoying your time here?

I am loving Melbourne life! It’s so pretty and much easier to get around. There is nothing like the city views and atmosphere here. I am missing my family and friends back in sydney but I’m definitely making new friends and having great fun with my second family here!

KC Cassidy

Do you get nervous before you wrestle? How do you settle your nerves?

I get nervous before every match. I get butterflies and I can’t sit still. I always like to take a few minutes by myself just to think things through and get into competitive mode. It’s actually something I’ve done my whole life before performing in front of an audience either dancing or acting. Growing up on the stage and dancing for eighteen years of my life, i think I’m close to perfecting the art of nerve calming. *laughs* I also pray. Then my music hits and there is no more time to think, so I just do.

What are you most looking forward to, when you go over to Canada?

Learning from the best. I’ve been very lucky so far to have great trainers in like you said earlier Robbie, Madison and Ryan Eagles, Sean O’Shea and Carlo Cannon. To be able to add Lance Storm to that already amazing list of trainers is a fantastic opportunity and I cannot wait to take everything I can from the three months. I’m looking forward to being thrown into a whole new world almost alone and have to figure out how to live in a place where nothing is familiar. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who have done the camp and the one constant thing they all had to say about it was ‘It was the best three months of my life… without a doubt’ and I am certainly looking forward to being in that moment and understanding what they mean by that.

Any goals that you are striving for?

I’m going into this just wanting to learn as much as I possibly can. From myself I’m expecting to come home with more knowledge than what I had before I left. I’m hoping to have a different views on things and a better understanding of our craft.

You’ll be doing a blog of your Canadian trip for NHB Girls, what can the readers expect to see?

Readers can expect to get a deeper insight into my life as an aspiring WWE Diva through my training with Lance Storm. I’ll be sharing new things I’ve learned, how I’m adapting to living in Calgary, some of my struggles and anything else that might be a day in the life of KC Cassidy.

Thanks heaps for catching up with us today, KC! Any last words?

I just want to thank NHB Girls for all their ongoing support, you’ve been amazing and made this whole experience that much better. I can’t wait to get over there and I’m hoping to make NHB Girls and those back home proud!

KC Cassidy

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    I am very proud of my daughter and I know she will do fantastic things in Canada…. It’s her dream and she is living it !

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    Cassie!!!! So proud of you sweetie! Go take on the world x

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