Interview with Nikita Naridian

Nikita Naridian

Nikita Naridian has not let age stand in the way of her passion. She began training at a young age, under the likes of Carlo Cannon & WWE signee, Tenille Tayla, some of the best wrestlers Australia has to offer. Since then, she has worked and trained hard to reach her goals and work toward her passion. She has worked across Australia, showcasing her hard-hitting and technical skills and style of wrestling.

Like KC Cassidy, Nikita is set to make her mark on Canada and is bound to train with Lance Storm at his wrestling academy. We are so honoured, that she has taken some time out from her very busy schedule (wrestling almost every weekend in April, in the lead up to her departure) to sit down with us and talk about her career and her goals for the future.

Thanks for sitting down with us today, Nikita. You began training young, training with the likes of Cletus, Carlo Cannon and Tenille Tayla. What motivated you to get involved so young?

Well, I started watching wrestling at the young age of 9 years old, my brother brought home a video tape which happened to be a WWE PPV which featured the likes of The Kat, X-PAC, Tori and so on.. But as soon as I saw The Rock… I was hooked!

I started getting emotionally attached to all these wrestlers, but one specifically was Lita.. As soon as I saw her I knew I wanted to become a wrestler there was nothing else I could imagine myself being!

I had no idea there was wrestling in Australia until I was walking down the street one day and passed a pole which advertised ”Professional Championship Wrestling” I literally ripped down the poster and ran home to show mum. Needless to say at the age of 13 I attended my first local wrestling show. I asked the promoter if I could start training and he told me I had to be 14. On my exact 14th birthday I began training and the rest was history!

Nikita Naridian

Do you think beginning training young & getting into the wrestling mindset has given you the opportunities that we have seen you reach for in recent months?

No, I don’t regret starting young at all as I believe it has almost given me a head start in this business. I’m lucky to have the amount of experience I do at a young age. It has definitely helped with opportunities as I have had more time to get my name out there and focus on building myself as a better wrestler.

We’ve seen you wrestling all over Australia, what has been your best match to date?

I believe my best match would have to be my 3-way Street fight with Lowzen and Vixsin at NAW. The reason being is because I have a lot of in-ring chemistry with those 2 girls and  I also listened to a review of the show and the podcasters said ”We forgot we were watching women wrestle, we just saw it as a wrestling match and it was awesome!”

You look very calm, collected and focused when you come out for your matches; do you have any sort of thought process or preparation before you step into the ring?

Definitely! Before my matches I stretch, do some squats and I also joke around with everyone else backstage to get my mind off the nerves. I’m not particularly religious but before every match I say a little prayer as you never know what could happen within the ring.

Do you have anyone or group of people that you credit as your inspiration or helps keep you motivated?

Majority of the WWE divas have inspired me to dedicate my life to this such as Lita, Trish Stratus, Molly Holly and so on.. But also a lot of the girls on the indy circuit like Madison Eagles, Kellie Skater and Jessie Mckay as they pretty much put Australia on the map for the indy girls here. I also have to thank my partner of two years Broderick (Ryan Rollins) for continuously pushing me challenge myself.

Nikita Naridian

You got the opportunity to wrestle at PWWA; Australia’s only all female wrestling promotion, what was your experience like?

It was amazing to share a locker room with those girls and I also felt like I was apart of something special. My experience was great! Easily one of the best backstage vibes is with PWWA!

You have attended some awesome training sessions with some very talented wrestlers such as NWA’s Adam Pearce, former WWE star Orlando Jordan (just to name a few), what did you get out of these sessions? Did it just intensify your passion?

I got A LOT of knowledge from them. They are the ones that have done what I intend to do, so it was an honor to share a ring with them and for them to train us one on one. It made me become even more motivated to get to where I want to be.

Do you have any goals whilst you are in Canada, any goals in general for the future?

My main goal for Canada is to soak up as much information as I can from Lance Storm and come back with a lot of knowledge and confidence. I would love to wrestle in Japan, Mexico and England! My main goal (in general) is WWE. Next year I will start to try out for the WWE and I won’t stop until I get there!

What are you most looking forward to when you are in Canada?

Number one definitely being to train with one of the best wrestlers to date Lance Storm. I’m also looking forward to hopefully working for one of the promotions over there and of course being able to travel to another country!

You’ll be doing a blog of your Canadian trip for NHB Girls, what can the readers expect?

They can expect to read what it really takes to become a wrestler, I’ll express my ups and downs, tribulations and triumphs and my overall experience with Lance Storm

Thanks for catching up with us today Nikita! Any last words?

I’d like to thank NHB girls for supporting us Australian girls and also the fans as they are the ones that make me keep doing this crazy thing that I call my dream

Nikita Naridian